Asp Dot Net Storefront Launches eCommerce Add-On Market Place

AspDotNetStorefront has announced the recent launch of its new Add-On Marketplace, designed to give users of AspDotNetStorefront with even more options for supercharging their online business experience.

“The marketplace was created to help clients – both current and future — tap into the full potential that the AspDotNetStorefront platform provides to help them meet their eCommerce needs,” said Robert Anderson, president of AspDotNetStorefront. “All of the add-on products and services found within the marketplace have been fully tested to work with our platform. In fact, we use many of them in our own business.”

AspDotNetStorefront’s eCommerce platform has been on the market since 1997. The company prides itself on the platform’s flexibility and aggressive pricing. More than 5,000 web developers and nearly 10,000 customers use the platform to meet their shopping cart software needs.

The new marketplace boasts a variety of services that can make the AspDotNetStorefront platform even more functional for business use. The featured products and service providers include:

· T-HUB. This is a Quickbooks interface that provides easy product, pricing, inventory, customer and order synchronization between AspDotNetStorefront and QuickBooks.

· CM-x : Marketing to both new and long-term, loyal contacts is an essential part of ecommerce success. CM-x is a suite of email marketing services and techniques specially designed to integrate fully with AspDotNetStorefront and remove the burden of effective email marketing from the busy lives of online store-owners.

· Vertical Measures. This SEO, link building and web site publicity firm has worked directly with AspDotNetStorefront in the past and has proven results in driving targeted traffic to eCommerce sites.

· MaxMind. A proven geolocational fraud protection service, MaxMind helps protect store owners from fraudulent orders by assisting with geographical IP address location checking, issuing bank BIN number country matching, high risk ISP address and e-mail checking and more.

· Compunix. The company offers three different AspDotNetStorefront add-ons: an extensive IE toolbar, a multi-server image manager and a multi-image processor.

· Misakko. A multi-site store solution allowing you to run multiple AspDotNetStoreFront shopping stores and manage them using a single backend admin console.

· SightMax. Providing a way to add live chat features to the AspDotNetStorefront platform, this add-on offers a way to improve customer relations through hands-on communication.

· Cardinal Commerce. This add-on service provides Verified By Visa service to merchants helping further avoid fraudulent credit card usage and charge backs.

· buySAFE. This third-party service offers eCommerce shoppers a way to verify the veracity and trustworthiness of endorsed merchants. Gaining approval from this service can give online businesses the credibility they need to gain customer confidence.

· ControlScan. The ControlScan company provides PaymentCard Industry (PCI) approved scanning services for AspDotNetStorefront web sites.

· Google Checkout. Many buyers use this shopping cart software enhancer to gain more control over their eCommerce experiences. The checkout program gives buyers a single account to store billing and shipping addresses and credit card information.

· Exhibit A. A fully featured, CAN-SPAM compliant email solution that minimizes the amount of work necessary to send top-notch emails and newsletters to your customers.

Companies included in the AspDotNetStorefront eCommerce Marketplace are poised to help the platform’s users bring their businesses to the next level.

“We are very pleased to be part of the AspDotNetStorefront Marketplace,” said Arnie Kuenn, president of Vertical Measures. “We look forward to helping boost the success of any online business through targeted marketing, link building and SEO services.”

“We look forward to helping AspDotNetStorefront users make the most of their experience,” said Jo Stewart, chief operations officer of Charley Mail’s parent company VORTX. “When online business owners have a way to reach out to clients, they take the potential to the next level. The personalized contact breaks down the facelessness of the Internet and shows customers that online businesses do care on a very personal level.”

About AspDotNetStorefront:, a Division of Discovery Productions, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Rocky River, OH that provides online ASP.NET-based e-commerce shopping cart systems for merchants and developer partners.

Why Does Martin Bowling Love Zima?

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I typically never hear ‘inside jokes’ before anyone else but this is a first for me and I have the feeling a lot of people are scratching their heads ‘huh‘, ‘what‘, ‘I was at all the SEO conferences and I still don’t understand‘, etc. This post is aimed to include all the outsiders on this joke. In the spirit of an SEO community.
After hanging out with Martin Bowling at SEOmoz Blackhat Expert Seminar 2008, I learned an ‘inside joke’. A joke so funny that it’s not, but it is. Napoleon dynamite style (why is it funny? Idk, it just is). Now, every time I think about “Martin Bowling loving Zima“, I smile. If you asked me why, I honestly couldn’t tell you. It’s just funny. Trying to explain a joke, especially this one, is like trying to explain why you shouldn’t eat sand… :p

Either way, I’m writing this post because Zima is becoming big, bigger than an ‘inside joke’, it’s evolving into a brand (which I’ll get into later).

His Zima Loving Beginnings

Martin Bowling started drinking alcohol when he was 16 21. His preferred beverage has been beer. I’m not sure which brand he prefers more but beer none-the-less. In my opinion, I’d categorize Martin as heavy-weight, it takes a lot to intoxicate him. Disclaimer: Martin Bowling is not an alcoholic, not even close, just a social drinker like 98% of the SEO community like Bobs SEO in Las Vegas. Martin thought his life was complete, until he was introduced to, his long lost love, Zima by Andy Beal.

He went to Andy Beal’s Reputation Management Seminar. There, during the after hours, they were enjoying a few drinks. Andy said, “It’s on me, I’ll cover the tab.” So, Martin enjoys himself, not overly doing it, just a couple of brewskis. After a few beers, Andy is like, “Man, this guy is drinking up the bar. They are out of cranberry juice because they were making me so many cosmos.” Govisithawaii then told Andy Beal that he (andy) should start saying Martin Bowling loves zima (even though andy had no idea what zima was) and it caught on like wild fire

Martin Bowling and Zima blossom together

So that’s how this Meme Marketing was birthed. Then only a few days later, Martin went to SEOmoz’ Expert Training 2008. He was treated to a case of Zima by the Moz crew. During the session’s Martin shared the Zima love. In one of the after hours event, Rand Fishkin and Danny Sullivan were fighting over the last bottle. Danny won.

Then before you could blink twice, a blog was started about Martin Bowling loving Zima. Just a few days later, Google rolls out with Google Suggest as the default to the homepage. Martin then realizes this would be a reputation management nightmare. Noting how when you type in [martin bowling] in Google, it suggests [martin bowling zima]. At this point, the love between Zima and Martin Bowling began to blossom in such a way, it was uncontrollable. This Meme Marketing has branded Martin and become apart of him.

SEOmoz then gives away Zima at their booth. Andy Beal adds fuel to the fire and creates ‘Pilgrim’s Picks for September 18 – Zima Edition‘. Recapping the contest Martin Bowling created to reward the best ‘Zima/Martin Bowling’ viral meme content (via, twitter account, avatar, video…etc) with a free ticket to Scary SEO and a bunch of other goods (more details/links below).

The Future of Zima and Martin Bowling

Dr. Pete had an idea, to create a SEO friendly URL shortening service and call it ‘’. Martin asked for some help to buy the domain because it was going to cost 200$. With the help of a few people and Andy Beal, Martin acquired the domain. Surprisingly, this happened within one day. Then a few days later Matthew Inman decided to help out by creating some logos/graphics.

In short, the future of Zima and Martin Bowling is the Scary SEO contest and, a SEO friendly url shortening service. I hope you all enjoyed the history behind the beginnings and the early developments. If you got some thing interesting that you created that has Zima as a theme, tweet it to Martin Bowling, I’m sure he’ll love it.